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Sunrooms, also known as solariums, allow you to take advantage of the outdoors while sheltering from the weather or insects. You can be creative by building and recreating it into any type of room you wish to have. The possibilities are endless. The value of the kind of sunrooms you select is a long-term financial investment that can be built at a fraction of the costs of a traditional room. Foster the versatility, benefits, and enjoyment of your space where you and your family are able to relax with the satisfaction of functional transitional areas and comfortable living.

Screen Rooms & Solariums

The difference between sunrooms and screen rooms lies in the fact that they are made of different materials. A screen room is more affordable and is primarily an enclosure for your deck or patio. It uses materials such as fiberglass screens allowing you to feel the elements within the room while keeping the bugs out. The effects of the weather, unfortunately, mean that it is a seasonal room. A sunroom is pricier and very similar. However, it is made with glass windows that are usually floor to ceiling, allowing an abundance of natural light and can be opened to feel the air. This means it can be used throughout different seasons as it has more protection against the weather. The room is not connected to your house’s systems, possibly just the electricity grid; certain features can be installed. These factors are dependent on the type of solariums you want to be built and your added installations.

Types Of Sunrooms & Enclosures

Three season rooms seasonality is within its name, most months of the year for only 3 seasons, best used in summer, spring, and autumn, almost all year round usability. It is a sunroom addition that is more insulated and customized according to how you see fit but is less affordable than screen rooms. You are not able to install heaters or conditioners within this type of room. Four season rooms are a sunroom addition like the 3 season rooms. However, it doesn’t discriminate against the weather as it protects year-round. This addition is more costly due to the types of materials used and the heating/cooling system installations available for the room.   

Sunroom Construction & Installation

The most crucial factor for sunroom construction is the building permit, measurements, and inspections. The measurements and drawing outlines allow the blueprint to indicate the type of structure and how it would be built and is an essential factor in the planning stages. The materials are chosen within the planning stages, and the building process can begin after the permits are approved. The foundations should be solid and should be installed accordingly after being checked within the inspections that it is secure and safe. A sunroom installation slowly starts to take form after the roof and frames are connected, allowing the windows and floor-to-ceiling panels to begin going up. The end process brings the moisture protection and finishing touches such as electrical wiring and furniture.