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Cincinnati Deck Builders has served our loyal customers throughout the years with unfailing care and dedication. We are proud to have gained the support from our community and humbled by the continued praise we receive. Our services include pool deck options for homeowners looking to install a safe and reliable decking around their underground or above ground pool. By understanding our clients and utilizing the information that we have gained we offer solutions for materials, railing and countless other options leading to a successful installation process. To initiate your experience with our unparalleled contracting team, contact our customer care agents today!

Wood pool deck installations offer a comfortable surface for those traveling along the decking area. Not all wood species are great options for installations however as the external elements can deteriorate different wood types more rapidly. Woods such as redwood, teak and cedar have properties that repel water and insect damage. When property owners choose to opt for wood or other materials they are also left with the benefit of curb appeal! Wood is an aesthetically pleasing option for those looking to increase the value of their property through installation.

Stamped Concrete
An option that offers both aesthetic value and functionality to homeowners is the utilization of concrete for decking surrounding the pool surface. Concrete that is adorned with stamping is less hazardous than concrete slabs while displaying a more appealing design at the same time. Stamped concrete can be modified to resemble natural stone or brick leaving you with a pool deck that is able to withstand years of use while keeping travellers safe and sound. When looking for inspiration when it comes to your pool deck options, consider speaking to our customer care team as they hold hundreds of samples!

Another top choice of our customers and clients throughout the country includes the use of pavers. Pavers and bricks offer a warm and appealing aspect to pool decking installations complimenting the outdoor living area. Some pavers that are commonly used in pool decks around Cincinnati include bluestone pavers, concrete pavers, porcelain pavers and travertine pavers. You will not be disappointed with the results provided by any of these choices as they provide durability and long-lasting results to your outdoor space. Pavers sealed by proper products offer a slip-resistant surface for your guests.

Picking your Decking
Armed with your individual needs and preferences our customer care agents will be able to work with you to find your perfect pool-decking installment. By understanding exactly what you are looking for in your pool deck we can offer solutions and combinations that lead to a beautiful finished product. Picking your deck materials can take some time and lead to some overwhelming moments, by letting CDB help with the process you are opting to be guided through the entire decision. We work with our clients so that they receive the support that they need to end up with their perfect pool deck product.