Custom Deck

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Creating a custom deck that appeals to your homes design and offers functionality to the property adds value to your investment. By being in control of the entire process from design, material, placement and railings that are utilized to make your decking installment. With so many options and combinations the process of picking a deck can be overwhelming however our customer care agents walk you through a rendered final product. Custom deck installments are great options for homes or businesses, which are not easily fitted by standard decking alternatives.

Decking installment is a great addition to various different locations throughout outdoor living space. Decks that are attached to pool are better suited to non-slip and strategically chosen material. If your decking installation is destined to be attached to the structure what needs to be changed? Our team members walk through the entire process with clients leading to a secure understanding of what each area of installation require and benefit from. We work hard to meet and exceed all demands from clients no matter the scope. Decks that are functional and durable outlast the competition giving you more bang for your buck!

What your custom deck is constructed using is important, different materials have different pros and cons that can affect the overall competency of the deck. Wood or composite made from a blend of wood and plastic, synthetic plank decking and other options are available for installation by CDB’s expert crew. Our work has secured CDB as a top choice for loyal customers due to the high standard of service and unbeatable quality of work. By understanding the unique needs of our clients we are able to guide clients to a proper fitting deck constructed from materials that make sense.

Railing Options
Railing options are functional as they help deter liability of fall or injury. The presence of railings should also be seen as a design aspect as they play a large part in the aesthetic of the entire installment. Railing options come in various colors and materials that are custom tailored to fit your unique property. From classic designs to rustic inspired your decking will benefit from a quality crafted railing option properly secured by our team of tenured contractor. Our strong vendor and customer relations have propelled our services to new heights! Trust Cincinnati’s number one deck builders to create your custom deck.

Why Custom?
Custom decking offers decking installation options for those who are unable to utilize stock options. Extending your living space into the outdoors increases the functionality of the property while adding value to the land. Custom decking installations can add an exceptional amount of financial gain to properties. When considering custom decking options it is important to utilize licensed and insured professionals equipped with the proper tools to complete the job at hand. Our crewmembers have exceeded expectations for customers throughout our beautiful community and will continue to deliver results.