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Porches offer an outdoor seating space for clients who are looking to increase the curb appeal and functionality of their home. By investing into the exterior of your home you are increasing the value of your property leading to a higher resale price. When considering the material that you are choosing to construct your porch from the maintenance and care required should be considered. Our customer care team is able to walk you through your options and deliver samples of potential materials leaving you informed and in control of your final product.

Exterior Woods
Choosing a species of wood that is able to withstand the elements that nature throws at the surface is important. Without proper consideration, a wood that is not conducive to the environment can be installed and weathered prior to alternatives. CDB understands the investment that owners pour into porches and other installations and will always suggest a complimentary material. Wood species that are preferable for porch installations include, cedar, redwood, ipe and more! Find your perfect porch made from appropriate wood and installed by licensed professionals with one simple call.

Finding the right material, style and color to utilize for your porch installation can be easier said than done! Searching through hundreds of different options and combinations can be overwhelming and time consuming. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, modern or contemporary installation you will find the right porch combination with the help of CDB. By taking advantage of our vast inventory and complete knowledge you are guaranteed to be guided to an outstanding final product delivered by insured, licensed contractors. When considering a porch installation you must take into account the railing, stairs and other aspects that accompany the porch itself!

Composite Decking
Composite decking options are not as popular as wood due to the higher initial cost of the material. Wood decking is a top choice for consumers and does offer a more initially affordable price however the maintenance required is far superior to composite. Composite decking is made from wood and synthetic materials therefore it is far more durable than the alternative option of wood. Low maintenance and high durability are just one of the reasons that composite decking is rivaling the long-loved wood option. It is important to choose the right material for your porch as the life-span of porch and decking installations can be longer than ten years!

Care that your porch installation requires is important to take into account when deciding which material to choose. Composite decking delivers a long-lasting and durable surface while requiring very little maintenance. Wood on the other hand demands a higher level of care throughout the life to keep the species in healthy and undamaged condition. With diligent care your wood decking will have an increased life span. The care involved in wood includes additional sealing, washing and repairs when necessary while composite requires standard washing.