the example of pergola

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Our outdoor spaces are vessels that can offer function and fun for family members, friends and guests looking to utilize the space. Turn your outdoor living space into a beautiful extension of the home by adding a value increasing installation. Our decking experts are able to assess the layout of your landscape and offer inspiration to homeowners looking for a piece but not quite sure of their options. A great addition to any property is a pergola standing tall, offering an archway for plants to flourish.

Focal Point
One important function of a pergola is to add a focal point to outdoor landscaping. The structure gives room for plants and vines to grow and climb creating a wonderful garden focal point. Adding a pergola to your garden adds visual interest to the space while offering a space for vines or other plants to flourish and increase the design of the installment. With help from our team you can find the perfect location for a pergola installation of your own constructed form high-end materials and delivered by true professionals. We can show you a side of your yard that you have not seen before, with one call you are able to initiate the process that will lead to a stunning pergola.

Pergola Vs. Arbors
Both pergolas and arbors offer platforms to support climbing plants such as vines however they do offer different functions to homeowners. The shade derived from the installation of a pergola is beneficial to pathways and decks and therefore offer a different use than an arbor. Pergolas can be attached to homes or installed as separate entities delivering shade and area for plant growth away from the dwelling. Because of the expose to elements that the structures receive it is important to choose a material that offers durability and strength for your pergola.

Pergolas can be made from a variety of materials offering different benefits to homeowners looking for various characteristics. Wood is in common use for the construction of pergolas and has a great variety of options when it comes to the species that is utilized. Popular options include western redcedar as the wood offers weather-resistant properties. Other wood species used throughout the community include mahogany, cedar, redwood, and teak due to the presence of natural oils assisting with their resistance to rot, decay, termites, fungi and insects.

Pergolas offer shade due to their post and crossbeam construction, they however do not generally include a canopy. The addition of a canopy adds an additional layer of shade increasing the functionality and options for use that your pergola offers. Pergola canopy additional offer protection from passing storms, rain and overpowering sun by creating a barrier from you and the elements. Canopy installations can be made to offer retractable features or have the constant coverage offered by the covering. With installation completed by CDB you can create a usable, beautiful pergola in your own back yard offering functionality and value to your property.