Deck Repair

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Decks are functional and appealing installations that can completely revitalize an outdoor living space into an extension of the indoor living space. Decks naturally deteriorate throughout the years with high levels or traffic and exposure to the elements. By treating the repairs that your deck suffers from as soon as possible you are saving financial loss and mitigating hazards that pose a risk. Our entire team of contractors is committed to delivering high quality results for homeowners throughout our community, from installation to repair your deck is in good hands.

Broken Deck Boards
Considering the affects that come with damaged deck boards is important! Not only are the disrepair boards unappealing but they pose a hazard to those traveling along the surface. With the help of CDB you can have your unruly decking repaired for an affordable price and quality craftsmanship. It is important to hire professional contractors who hold the licensing and insurance to complete the job at hand and prevent any incomplete repairs. Deck boards that endure high volumes of traffic or have endured years of elements are naturally going to deteriorate throughout time. By being proactive and initiating repairs as soon as damage is seen you are sure to mitigate any danger.

Deck Rot
Rotted wood deck creates hazards for those utilizing the surface and potential loss for owners. To repair deck rot we suggest utilizing our expansive services delivered with quality craftsmanship and lasting results. Whether the rot has accumulated on the post or the boards you will want to initiate the repair process as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary injury. Removal of the rotted joists or boards is the first step to a quality repair followed by the application of high quality materials and an assessment to find the cause of rot. By finding the source of rot we are able to help stop further deterioration.

Following installation it is important that deck materials should be sealed to prevent damage including water damage. Sealing is usually completed following completion of construction but neglected in the following years of wear and tear! Having your deck sealed throughout the years is important to keeping the deck free from water damage and other problems. Having your deck open to the elements without protection that comes with sealant leaves owners with faded, damaged decks in disrepair. By calling CDB to seal your deck periodically you will save financial loss down the road due to neglect.

Splintering Wood
Not only does splintering wood on decking cause a unappealing surface it poses danger for those utilizing the surface. Splintering wood is extremely sharp leading to increased hazards for animals and people traveling along the deck. Splintering deck wood occurs when there is a neglected deck that does not have the protective aspects it needs. When water penetrates the board it soaks and causes the wood to splinter and crack. Resurfacing the deck is a highly recommended tactic to reduce the splintering and restore the functionality and appeal of the surface.